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Real Estate Auctions

Why Auction Real Estate?

The Liberty Team uses a proven formula for success combined with the newest technologies for conducting and promoting your auction. Our firm consists of experienced auctioneers as well as licensed real estate brokers and agents that have the ability to bring excitement to your event. Our website serves as a 24 hour a day, seven days a week informational billboard featuring your auction. Additionally, we are linked to several of the leading auction websites in the nation. Our mailing list is compiled from clients who have asked to be informed of upcoming real estate auctions. Real estate auctions are growing in popularity for many important reasons:

  • Real estate auctions offer a guaranteed sale date and closing date, with a shorter marketing period.
  • Real estate auctions create an atmosphere of high energy, enthusiasm, and urgency. This feeling coupled with intense open competitive bidding spells success and true market value.
  • Real estate auctions force buyers to react on a given date under a strict set of terms and conditions designed to protect you, the seller.
  • Real estate auction marketing features your property on local, regional, state, and national platforms, which exposes your property to a large number of pre-qualified buyers.
  • Preset inspection dates offer you the flexibility to dictate when we will open the real estate for viewing. This helps manage when prospects can view the real estate and reduces the number of unscheduled showings.
  • Real estate auctions offer contingency-free contracts and non-refundable deposits.
  • Real estate auctions offer quick disposal and reduce high long term carrying costs, including taxes and maintenance.
  • Real estate auctions help eliminate hassles of the real estate transaction and limit the negotiating of the terms. The only thing that can be negotiated is the price.
  • Real estate auctions force the hesitant buyer to react and commit on a pre-scheduled date.
  • Real estate auctions work when the client wishes to sell the property in the shortest possible time frame, at the highest price, under the terms and conditions favorable to the seller.
  • Real estate Auctions do not create price ceilings.

Liquidation,Transition & Estate Sales


Liberty Auction Services can supervise all the tasks of managing the liquidation of personal property and/or real estate allowing you to concentrate on other priorities.


Sell or appraise Real estate and/or personal property, liquidate assets, downsize, relocate?

Help loved ones make necessary transition decisions?

Assist in developing a time frame to meet your objectives?

Create a financial marketing budget?

Determine the appropriate auction choice?

Educate and understand the auction process and on-line bidding platform?

Why Liberty Auctions?

We provide an environment for buyers and sellers in the marketplace to come together. Liberty Auction Services associates have a combined century-plus of experience. Liberty Auctions believes in obtaining the maximum value for your life’s work in a fair and honest way. We are an auction company that uses a proven strategy of successful marketing in order to maximize value to sellers while facilitating a completely fair and transparent platform for price discovery and property liquidity in a time-efficient manner through competition.

We make a lot of friends in this business, coordinating some of the biggest events of our clients’ respective lives. We like to get to know each seller as an individual, to understand their goals for their auction and their lives after. It helps us serve them better, by designing custom marketing campaigns to suit the people and the project.

When you conduct auctions you learn to be flexible – to listen with care. We approach bidders that way, too, educating them on the auction process, our auction platform, and the property of interest. Our reputation after a sale is as important to us as the sale price, and all the awards in the world can’t make up for a record of integrity.

Online Only Auctions

An on-line only auction takes place exclusively on the internet using a bidding platform connected to our website. The bidding that takes place uses a system of anonymous bidding which is very conducive to the investor and also prevents friends and neighbors from pulling out of the ring in order to benefit friends or associates

The other significant feature that our online bidding provides is soft closes “overtime extensions”. This prevents, in eBay terms, sniping, where a savvy computer technician can formulate a strategy to bid just seconds before the auction is over, and prevents the field from competition. Our software is set up to extend bidding time for a full 5 minutes after the last bid and successive extensions until no more bids are received in the allotted 5-minute extension of open bidding. This ensures that all parties will have a fair chance to bid and buy the item. This extends the bidding until the maximum competitive price is reached.

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